Season 2 – End of January Window

So, by this point, I’ve been at Doncaster Rovers just over a year now. In that time, I’ve learnt a couple of things.


1 – Not spending any money on transfers can be entertaining..

2 – Along with 1, if you can get the players you buy to play well, and fit the formation you want to use, you can do things that even you won’t believe.


This is why the next few screenshots tell the story.



I try not to get carried away, but, the win at Liverpool is one of the best I’ve ever had on FM, admittedly, Jurgen Klopp put out an under strength side, but, we went, played the exact same way as we have all season, and beat them. Our reward, is a trip to Villa Park to play Aston Villa, and, I’ll back us to pull off the upset if they disrespect us.


In the league, its business as usual, 34 points clear of 2nd, having played a game more (with 17 games left for them), I could theoretically win the title in 6 games time, at the start of March, so, that is a target to go for.


As for transfers, there have been no incomings, nor outgoings, mainly due to trying to get the finances under control. Two players have announced their retirements, these being James Coppinger and Andy Butler.


The work has begun in ernest to scout out the next lot of players to aim for, as with last summer, I’m looking for players capable of playing in the top end of the Championship straight away, but, ones that are a little bit out of left field that may not be picked up by other clubs.

My analysts have so far picked out players near the end of contract in Spain and France (they recommend them to me as scouting targets), so I’ve spent a little bit of my budget on checking them out.


All being well, by the next update, we’ll be promoted.